Yanga Market premium foods

  • Meat and Fish

    We provide our customers with a large variety of meat and fish cleaned, cut and package in different sizes/kilos. From turkey to beef, minced meat, chicken, gizzard, ram, pork, pomo, shaki, goat meat. Also available are all kind of ice and fresh fish.


  • Pure Grains

    A variety of grains like rice, beans (white brown and Soya), garri (yellow, Ijebu, White), and a lot more of our traditional solid foods like poundo yam, elubo, semolina, semovita.


  • Fresh Vegetables

    We sell a wide menu of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, tatashe, pepper (rodo), green pepper, ugu, tete, okro, onion (white and spring), cabbage, carrot.


  • Soup Ingredients

    Local soup ingredients such as ogbono, egusi, dry pepper, cray fish, dry fish, achi and a lot more, are available both for whole sale and retail supplies.


  • Soup for the Week

    We deliver our branded home cooked soups right at your doorstep. Yanga Market will supply you with a weeks’ worth of soup or stew. Too stressed to cook;  order now!



Imagine all your cooking needs under one roof in a clean hygienic and friendly environment at the lowest prices you can find!

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Soup in Liters

Upon request we will sell a wide range of all Nigerian soups, cooked and sold in 2 and 4litters containers for a week or month use, depending the customers usage and requirements.

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Yanga Club

We encourage all our customers to become members of our exclusive club. Membership comes with plenty of goodies and advantages. Click here to register or log in

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